Diplomat Makes Case for Appointment of Professionals as Ambassadors

Diplomacy has been described as a serious and fragile international assignment that should not be entrusted in the hands of those that would play politics with it but in the hands of career people that would offer quality representation that would bring development to their home countries.

A former Ambassador of Nigeria to Australia, Ayo Olukanni made the revelation while delivering a public lecture organized by the World Affairs Association, an association of the Department of History and International Relations, Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State.

Speaking on the topic titled, “The Role of United Nations in Promoting Human Rights, Justice, Peace and Development across the World”, Ambassador Olukanni said that the quality and qualification of diplomats would go a long way in determining the level of foreign investments in sending country.

He said despite the perception of people on United Nations being a “talking shop” and its staffer being “poverty entrepreneurs” who fly business class around the world to discuss issues of poverty, the international organization was fulfilling the purpose for which it was formed.

Asked if Nigeria’s influence in the United Nations was fading, Ambassador Olukanni said that Nigeria remained a strong member of the international organization since late Tafawa Balawa set the fundamental principles for the country’s foreign policy.

The Diplomat maintained that the numerous conflicts and wars raging countries like Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Somalia and the terrorism that has become order of the day do not mean United Nation is ineffective, saying human race would have suffered setback without United Nations and its international processes.

Ambassador Olukanni revealed that the United Nations has adopted sustainable development goals at its 70th session to focus on poverty eradication, hunger and food security, health, education, gender equality and women empowerment,, water and sanitation, energy, economic growth, infrastructure and industrialization, inequality, sustainable production and consumption, climate change, cities, oceans, biodiversity forest desertification, peace and justice and partnership.

He urged the students in the Department of History and International Relations of the University to focus on their studies and brace up for duties at international stage after their education in the University. He opined that the adoption of geographical representation by Nigeria in selecting people for foreign mission would help the students’ aspiration of becoming ambassadors.

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