Elizade Varsity VC advocates Competitive Postgraduate Programme

Federal University Technology of Akure (FUTA) held its Postgraduate Retreat at Elizade University.  It was an honor to have both FUTA’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. A.G. Daramola and Elizade University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kunle Oloyede to address the participants on the importance of growing FUTA’s postgraduate program.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kunle Oloyede encouraged participants that having a competitive edge is most crucial in attracting quality students and maintaining a successful postgraduate program.  His words of enlightenment were from significant years of work experience in Postgraduate Administration.  He gave further insightful attributes such as staying focused and selectivity.  He explained that they must make sure that their postgraduate staff profile is completely focused and intertwined with the quality of the postgraduate program and students they select.  Postgraduate staff must focus on research and equipment which are very important in attracting quality students.  He continued by adding other constructing tools that are needed including updated equipment, scholarships, relevant publications, research, library exchange, integrity, being the right role model, and adequate finances.  He expounded that the demand for high quality publications, positive staff attitude and timeliness are major contributions that should never diminish in the postgraduate program. 

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kunle Oyolede emphasized how competitive the postgraduate market is these days because Nigerian universities offering postgraduates studies are seeking the same students as international universities.  He reiterated to the FUTA audience, that their competition is not just in Nigeria, but around the world.  This competition is intense and in order to gain and keep students in their postgraduate program, they must offer graduates more than just knowledge.  They must encourage their postgraduates to ask the right questions that will led to ideas, concepts and inventions that will move the country forward in technology, sciences, education, agricultural, etc. 

FUTA’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. A.G. Daramola appreciated the inspiring words from Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kunle Oloyede and reiterated the importance of having a postgraduate program with quality staff, students and finances.  These factors are key elements in their quest in having the best postgraduates program in Nigeria and the world.



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