Working in Elizade

ELIZADE University provides a flourishing and veritable atmosphere for career development.  Our welfarist care starts from your arrival at the University for interview.

Once lucky and appointed, you will be glad to belong in a team of excellent performers drawn from the Diaspora.

We provide a world-class accommodation on campus, and offer you an alternative accommodation in a very good hotel for a definite period, within when you will have secured your choice accommodation.  Our on-campus staff accommodation has every item of a modern home waiting for you, ranging from world-class furniture, beddings, electronics, kitchen utensils to air-conditioning, uninterrupted internet, water supply, electricity and security.

Your working environment is also made in a way that is fantastically conducive to teaching, research and administrative functions.  All your stress is master the buttons and let technology do all you wish.

The established and guaranteed academic calendar allows all cadres of our workforce to proceed on annual vacations/summer.  Our clinic on campus serves you with all routine, preventive and counseling health care that you and your family need.  The cafetariat serves you with all sorts of local and intercontinental dishes, and for your relaxation, the Best-in-Nigeria 18-Hole Golf Course is just five minutes drive from the campus.

The various terms and conditions governing your career have been compiled and published, and you will be afforded a copy of this on acceptance of appointment.

We will be happy to have you join us.
We will give you the best, so that we can get the best from you.  WELCOME!