B. Sc. Hotel Management & Tourism


Hotel and tourism is an integral part of a larger group of industries that collectively make up the service sector of the economy. The course will enlighten students on the meaning and perspectives of Hotel and tourism being a component unit within a bigger conglomerate of the Hospitality industry. For the provision of the fundamental needs of travelers and visiting guests for accommodation, food and beverages and entertainment. It will link theory with practice, and focus on global issues in hospitality and tourism management. Students will have the opportunity to study travelling trends in the hospitality and tourism sector, including the role of new technology, and an awareness of the underlying business and management disciplines required to be a successful managers. As part of the programme, the students will be engaged in field trips to world-class hotels, tourist destinations or attractions.

The programme is a business oriented venture that thrives on rendering services to people of different classes and personality. Thus, the students of the programme are trained on the ethics and corporate culture of the industry. This include how to act, dress, and respond to guests, superiors and subordinates. The compulsory work placement (industrial attachments) will give the students an opportunity to discover the career paths open to them. This placement may take students to countries across the world, in companies such as five star hotels, International restaurants and corporate fast food establishments, tour operating firms, tourists’ resorts, transport (airlines and railways) and other relevant attraction sites.