B. A. History and Diplomatic Studies


The B.A. History and Diplomatic Studies degree programme is integrated in a three or four years of study to accommodate individual student’s understanding of the historical origins of the modern world and the diverse elements of the human experience as they change over time. The programme is designed to expand the students’ ability to recognise and appreciate the intricate links that shape and characterise societies and cultures, in the past and the present with a view to enriching awareness of the world they live in, and help them grow into more engaged citizens. It further provides the students with the initiatives to develop a sequence of ideas and innovations that will prepare them for careers in various national and international organisations such as foreign affairs officers, ambassadors or diplomats, journalists and business tycoons. Throughout the three or four years of study, the programme emphasises the combination of theoretical knowledge with the acquisition of the understanding of major events in the human history and the teaching of multidisciplinary skills.

The degree programme is intended to play a mutual enriching role with other degree programmes in the Humanities. It centres on the fact that the world has become a global village and the knowledge of the events and trends of the past are vital to the current problems, needs and aspirations of the immediate and the wider world.  The programme aims for the students to acquire complex long-term knowledge, critical skills and openness to diverse perspectives.