B. A. Performing Arts


It is the desire of the department to give opportunities to candidates in and outside Nigeria to fulfil their aspirations of obtaining a university degree in the performing arts. Hence, admission to the programme is both by direct and indirect entrance for a period of three and four years, respectively. Upon the satisfaction of the Senate, the graduates are expected to join the labour market as competent workers with diverse skills in the entertainment industry, which we believe is next to the oil boom in money earning. The opportunities of our unique programme will afford such graduates to be versatile in the total theatre, as they are expected to have acquired general skills in the performing arts, and specialty in any one of its five units of drama, music, dance, speech and film. The quality of staff and programme is expected to make our graduates world-class performers and movie specialists. Thus, to achieve this, students of the department shall be exposed to both the theory and the practical aspects of the various units. Upon graduation, therefore, they will work as skilled personnel as: dramatists, play writers, advertisement jingles scripts writers, theatre managers and administrators, music experts in choirs, bands, orchestras and concerts. Our graduates are also expected to become dancers and dance trainers for concerts, choreographies, musicians’ video recording, etc; professional speech users and speech trainers for speech artists such as: dramatists, film actors/actresses, comedians, masters of ceremonies and the television. They will be ready employees in the marketing and advertisement units of financial and mobile communication institutions. The opportunities that our programme will offer are almost limitless.  

The fundamental concern of the Arts Disciplines (Humanities) is with Man and his complex nature, especially his multifaceted relationships with the world around him and beyond. It is in this context that each Arts discipline tries to investigate and explain those aspects of Man’s nature that particularly concern or challenge him. Specifically, the Performing Arts concern life and the expressions of the realities surrounding it. The course focuses on the concrete means of displaying the cultures, traditions and other aspects of man’s existence.

The Performing Arts programme in this department of the university shall pursue the contents of the concept of the total theatre, which will be made up of five (5) components or units, namely: drama, music, dance, speech and film.