B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering


The philosophy of the Mechanical Engineering programme is to produce graduate Engineers that combine sound theoretical background with practical skills to enable them take up challenging positions in the mechanical, automotive and manufacturing industries, public service and the academia directly and also to reach a level of practical sufficiency that would enable them to be self-employed.

The mechanical engineering industry encompasses manufacturing, production, service, design and development. A graduate of the programme can work in any industrial sector, civil service, research Institutions and the academia. A graduate of the programme can work in any of the following areas:

  • motor vehicle sales and service  companies;
  • automotive design, research and development;
  • operation and maintenance in mass transit companies;
  • the civil service;
  • education and training in secondary and tertiary institutions;
  • spare parts manufacturing  and motor assembly plants;
  • aircraft maintenance;
  • marine engine maintenance;
  • power generating plants; and
  • Railway and metrolines.