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The Elizade University aims to attract the best and the brightest students in Nigeria and beyond, and provide them with practical-oriented scientific, technological and liberal arts education which shall make them self-reliant and be job creators.

As such, the selection of academic programmes for the University as well as the curricula that shall be offered shall lay the foundation for life-long learning and excellence in various disciplines. The ethos of academic programmes of the University shall be excellence and merit.

At the end of their studies, students of the Elizade University shall be professionals who are capable of playing a transformational role in government, industry, education or other fields of human endeavour.
The University shall organize its academic structure along faculty lines. Its academic programme offerings shall be taught in the departments of a faculty in an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration.

The University shall offer full-time as well as part-time programmes. However, the full-time programmes shall be the main focus of the University, while part-time programmes shall be mounted in selected faculties, departments and programmes.

Elizade University is conceived as a “one-stop” compact and ICT-driven conventional university with great focus on Science and Technology programmes, and with emphasis on practical skills acquisition. It shall also provide a wonderful opportunity for training in selected areas in the Arts, Social and Management Sciences.

All students shall be provided with ample opportunity for exposure to instructional methodologies leading to the acquisition of sound knowledge and competencies in the application of Science and Technology principles to the practical resolution of societal problems.

Students of the University shall be painstakingly selected for demonstrable aptitude and intellectual potential to imbibe the high standards of teaching and learning which the University shall strive to be associated with.

Consequently, Elizade University aims to target the best secondary/high school products and other qualified candidates under the tutelage of a select group of world-class Professors and Lecturers.

The academic structure of the University shall be established in phases and all the phases shall be completed within 5 years.

The University is planned to have, in the meantime, 5 Faculties, a School of Postgraduate Studies and General and Entrepreneurial Studies Unit. The Faculties and other academic units that shall be established by the University at its full development are:

  • Faculty of Agricultural Technology
  • Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Management Sciences
  • School of Postgraduate Studies
  • General and Entrepreneurial Studies Unit

Phase I of the development of the academic structure of the University shall commence with the following two Faculties: Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences and Faculty of Humanities and Management Sciences.

In addition, the General and Entrepreneurial Unit shall be established as a teaching support unit. The unit shall serve all students of the University by co-ordinating all general studies courses as well as anchor entrepreneurial skill development.



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