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For those who are new to the State, Ondo State (The Sunshine State) is an amazing place to explore, to try something new, develop your skills and spend your student years. In addition to getting a world class education, you shall gain a degree that will be well respected by employers around the world and also enjoy all the attractions of an Oil Producing State in Nigeria.

Those students already living in Ondo State will know what a great State it is, but will now get to experience it from the perspective of a new student.

Ondo is one of the most exciting states in Nigeria and has one of the largest student populations. You will find something to cater for every taste, be it dancing until 3am, shopping for the latest fashions, sampling some of the local music and food, or relaxing in one of the many restaurants and 3 and 4 star Hotels.

Akure, Ondo State has an airport that serves as a quick link between the state and other parts of the country. Akure being equidistant from Lagos and Abuja is a strategic commercial advantage to the state and their is a very good road network.

At the inception in 1976, the state maintained a total of 1,868km of roads. By 1980, the total length reached 3,093km and by 1992, it was over 5,970km. In the present Ondo State and with the activities of PTF and World Bank Assisted Road Projects, many more roads have been constructed, while many rural areas now have access routes.

The most significant aspect of road development in Ondo State is their quality, as most roads have been taken over and tarred by the Federal Government e.g. Akure-Owo-Ikera, Akure-Ondo et cetera. The state is also involved in constructing all weather roads. Local Governments have also shown keen interest in tarring both township and inter-settlement routes within their jurisdiction. As stated earlier, the contributions of DFRRI, PTF and the World Bank in the opening up of rural areas and the rehabilitation of existing roads, are substantial. If all these are added together, the total length of roads in Ondo State at present approaches 4,950km.

Ondo State, as a beneficiary of the nationwide Mass Transit Programme, launched its Owena Mass Transit scheme for both intra and inter-state commuters. This programme has gone a long way to solve transportation problems in the state. It is noteworthy that most LGAs have started operating their own Mass Transit schemes, for both intra-and-inter-state transportation.

Ondo State is located entirely within the tropics. The tropical climate of the state is broadly of two seasons:  rainy season (April-October) and dry season (November – March).  A temperature throughout the year ranges between 21 degrees celcius to 29 degrees celcius and humidity is relatively high.  The annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm in the southern areas to 1,150mm in the northern areas. The state enjoys luxuriant vegetation with high forest zone (rain forest) in the south and sub-savannah forest in the northern fringe.
There is a maze of numerous rivers, creeks and lakes in and around Ondo State with very prominent rivers like Owena, ala, Oluwa, Oni, Awara, Ogbese and Ose. Generally, the land rises from the coastal part of Ilaje, Ese-Odo and Okitipupa areas to highlands and inselbergs to the northern parts of the state.

Excellence in Teaching and Student Support
As a student at Elizade University you'll have access to unrivalled facilities. Our libraries and computing facilities is the largest and most advanced in Nigeria and amongst the largest and most advanced in the African Continent, and our innovative teaching methods will challenge you to get the most out of your course.
As well as succeeding academically, we want to make sure you enjoy your time in Elizade University, so we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Out and About
Ondo State has something for everyone, from restaurants, to shops, live music venues and a variety of tourist attractions abound in the state. Among the leading spots are the historic Idanre Hills with guesthouses built by the government. Others are Ayetoro Community of Holy Apostles, the Owo Museum of Antiquities, Oke Maria at Oka-Akoko, the Palace of the Deji of Akure, Ebomi Lake at Ipesi-Akoko and Iho Eleru at Isarun.

The state government, as far back as 1988, commenced beautification projects in the major towns of the state. These projects are intended to brighten the dull outlook of the environment. The projects, include the erection of historic and cultural statutes, water fountains, planting of ornamental flowers and recreation parks. All these have provided the necessary aesthetic attractions for tourists visiting the state.

Getting Involved
Whether you want to take part or just spectate:

• Elizade University has it all for the sports enthusiast. We have excellent facilities on campus and loads of clubs and teams for students of all abilities to join.
• You can become a member of a club or society or start your own – an ideal way to make new friends.
• You can become a Student Ambassador and assist at Open Days and Campus Visits.

Additional Resources

Ondo State Ministry of Culture and Tourism - http://www.ondotourist.com/
Ondo State Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture - http://osccima.org/tourist-attractions.html

These are just a few of the ways you can make your time at university as fulfilling and exciting as possible. Life at Elizade University promises to be more than just getting a degree.



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