2 Unit(s)

Energy and Power – Terminology, concept, Principles, demands, costs and outlook, transformation of energy; energy in surroundings, kinds of energy and its conversion – mechanical energy, electrical energy, wave energy, thermal energy. Energy use, alternative energy – wind power, biomass, solar nuclear, energy from ocean; hydroelectric generation; Energy basics and efficiency, first and second laws of thermodynamics. Energy sources and consumption. Energy conservation and cogeneration. Fossil fuels, environmental effects of oil and natural gas. Coal and the environment. Alternative energy sources – Geothermal energy, use of geothermal energy and the environment. Renewable alternative energy sources – direct solar collectors, photo voltaic solar energy and the environment, tidal power, water power and the environment. Thermal pollution; principles, problems and costs; capacity, storage, reserves, efficiency, new environmental effects. Electrical energy from nuclear reactors; energy in the future breeder reactors, fusion power, solar power, geothermal power, tidal power, etc, promise and problems. Nuclear energy – fission reactors, burner reactors, breeder reactors, radiation doses and health nuclear power-plant accidents. Radioactive waste management. The future of nuclear energy. Energy policy. Integrated energy management.