2 Unit(s)

Nuclear structure, nuclear properties: nuclear size, nuclear masses; nuclear models, nuclear forces, the deuteron neutron-proton and proton-proton scattering at low energies. Nuclear models. Radio-active Decay; Alpha, beta, gamma decays. Nuclear reactions, reaction cross sections, compound nucleus formation and breakup. Overview of nucleons, hadrons; leptons and hadron’s Nuclear Reaction. Nuclear fission and fusion; the phenomenology of strong, electromagnetic, and weak interactions. Fundamental particles. Nucleon – nucleon interaction and scattering theory. Radiation sources: fast electron, internal conversion, Auger electrons, charged particle sources, sources of electromagnetic radiation, annihilation radiation, Bremsstrahlung, characteristic x-ray, synchrotron radiation. Nuclear Instrumentations and radiation detection techniques; detectors nuclear spectroscopy. Neutron physics; Production, detection of neutrons. Fission and fusion. Nuclear reactor and nuclear energy. Elementary particles. Conservation laws, partial classification. Strong electromagnetic and weak interactions. Constituents) (quarks), and nuclear properties, shell model; nuclear reactions, nuclear astrophysics.