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The transistor as a switch, power dissipation, base over drive storage drive and switching speed, logic gates: AND, OR, NAND,NOR,EX-OR,X-NOR. Truth table, noise margin, totem pole, open collector and tristate outputs, TTL, CMOS, NMOS, ECL. Combinational systems, Bolean algebra, identities, De-Morgan’s law, Karnaugh maps, Quinne McChusky Minimization by computer aided techniques. The half and full adder. Flip-flop: R-S, J-K and D types. Edge and level trigger, master- slave types, the shift register. Circuit techniques. Oscillators sine wave amplitude control, sequencing, frequency stability, waveform discrimination. Practical ramp generators. Conversion techniques, frequency to voltage, staircase generation, analogue to digital, Digital to Analogue. Termination of pulsed lines, Beageron diagram. Low noise amplifier design. Use to discrete components for minimum noise.