3 Unit(s)

Three dimensionally spherically symmetric potentials. Solution of schrodinger equation in spherically symmentric potential. Free particle in a spherically symmetric potential, The hydrogen atom. Theory of angular momentum and spin. Definition of angular momentum in term of operators, communication relating in angular momentum Rotation of angular momentum, Eigenvalues of angular momentum, and L2. Spin angular momentum and their representation, Pauli spin matrix identical particles and exclusion principle, Symmetric and anti-symmetric wave function and their construction, Slater determinant, Boson and Fermions, Spin-half particles in a box and study of their properties. Method of approximation: Semi- classical approximation (WKB approximation), the Rayleigh- R,t2 approximation, Time independent perturbation theory for stationary state. Multi-electron atom, control field approximation, Determination of the central potential; The Hartree-Fock or self-consistent Field method, Thomas Fermi Model.