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Resistance and Resistors, Capacitance and Capacitors, Inductors and Transformers, Electrical condition in metals and semiconductors, energy barrier, motion of electrons in electric and magnetic fields, Hall effect, Thermoelectric effects, Photoelectric and Secondary Electronic Emissions Phenomena. P-n junction devices: types of diodes (e.g. general-purpose and special purpose diodes) and troubles, operation of the general purpose diodes in the forward and reverse modes. Circuit application of LEDs, zeners and their common troubles. Characteristics and mode of operations of Bipolar junctions transistor (BJT) and field effect transistors (FET). Small signal amplifiers: transistors biasing techniques, amplifier in the common emitter (CE) common base (CB) and common collector (CC) modes Load line analysis, evaluation of input – impedance, voltage gain, output impedance. Combinational logic circuits: logic gate, truth tables, gate conversions, Minterms and Maxterm. Simple circuit design using universal logic gates. Oscillators and Timmo circuits: feedback, types of oscillators, conditions for oscillation, wien bridge oscillator, phase-shift oscillators and Astable multi-vibrator.. Electronics before the invention of solid state devices: triodes, valves and other devices that uses thermionic emission . Devices based on Photoelectric effects, Laboratory instruments: digital multimeters (DMMs) function generators, cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO).