3 Unit(s)

Wave-particle duality and the uncertainty principles, basic principles of quantum theory. The formulation of quantum mechanics in term of state vectors and linear operators: Definition and properties of linear operators, adjoint operators, null operators, complex operators, adjoint operators, schrodinger equation from operator formalism, schrodinger equation in momentum representation, Resentation of state vectors and state Function in terms of matrix. Dirac Bra and ket notation, Eigenvalues and Eigen function. The time dependent and time independent Schrodinger equation, applications of Schrodinger equation to the free particles, particle in the infinite and finite potential wells, the three dimensional box, and their applications. The simple harmonic oscillator and its applications. Reflection and transmission of potential steps, finite potential barrier and their applications. Atomic and molecular structure, binding energy, nuclear structure and nuclear reactions, nuclear fusion and nuclear fusion, magnetic resonance.