FAMUREWA Akindele J.
HOD, Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Welcome to Physical and Chemical Sciences Department

What We Do

The Physical and Chemical Sciences is aimed at producing graduates who are equipped with innovative problem-solving capability in the field of Physics (Electronics), Biochemistry, and Applied geophysics. The instructional and training approach to Physical and Chemical Sciences at Elizade University is focused on teaching the subject as a basic science and research discipline. Also, in conformity to current trends and global standards, consideration was given to the modern content- and outcome-centered approach in designing the curriculums. Our programmes provide a robust background in theory and experimental aspects and are sufficiently flexible to develop the requisite skills of prospective students and accommodate their post-graduation aspirations to pursue any future interests in their various fields of interest.


SN Programme
1 Physics (Electronics) Learn More
2 Biochemistry Learn More
3 Applied Geophysics Learn More


SN Name Position Email
1 Adedeji Ademakinwa N Lecturer II adedeji.ademakinwa@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
2 Akindele Famurewa J. Senior Lecturer akindele.famurewa@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
3 Ayodele Orelusi N. Laboratory Technologist ayodele.orelusi@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
4 Joseph Dada B. Assistant Lecturer babatunde.dada@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
5 Damilola Ogunjemite Assistant Lecturer damilola.ogunjemite@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
6 Emmanuel Faleye T. Lecturer II emmanuel.faleye@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
7 Emmanuel Olasehinde F. Senior Lecturer emmanuel.olasehinde@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
8 Fausat Ola-Mudathir K. Lecturer I fausat.ola-mudathir@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
9 Ismail Olumegbon Lecturer II ismail.olumegbon@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
10 Joseph Owolabi A. Lecturer I joseph.owolabi@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
11 Margaret Olawale D. Lecturer I margaret.olawale@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
12 Mojisola NKIKO O. Senior Lecturer mojisola.nkiko@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
13 Olalekan Ojo L. Lecturer I olalekan.ojo@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
14 Olasunkanmi Omojokun S. Assistant Lecturer olasunkanmi.omojokun@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile
15 Vincent Agada O. Laboratory Technologist II olurotimi.agada@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng View Profile