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LL.B Laws Programme

About LL.B Laws

The visitor and founder of this University thought out an enduring and everlasting legacy to the young ones of today who shall eventually be the leaders of tomorrow by establishing this beautifully landscaped university with a well-developed foundation for academic excellence. Law programme features prominently among other faculties and colleges.

The Faculty of Law, Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State places high value on teaching and research and these two are given prime priorities as reflected in the curriculum and entire package of the LL.B programme being offered by the faculty. We note that there is a paradigm shift in the practice of law to meet with the pace at which the global world is adapting to evolving changes in socio economic and political landscape, we are therefore committed to providing modern and contemporary legal education and research needed to succeed in the ever developing world. We are poised to produce knowledgeable intellectuals and skilled professionals equipped to contribute to the national economic and social development in all ramifications where the knowledge of law will be required.

Against the background that the knowledge of law is relevant and needed in every segment of the society, the faculty is set to establish workable and beneficent relationship with the outside world both in academic and relevant industries. The faculty is also blessed with both academic staff members and non-academic support staff that provide qualitative scholarship and moral rectitude in order to ensure that the students realize their lofty goals, dreams and aspirations of becoming law experts in the diverse and multifaceted areas of law. The human efforts dished out by the faculty are uniquely complemented with the cultural hub, serenity and natural ambience all of which guarantee a conducive environment for students to learn. 

Over 70 percent of the staff members are PhD holders in diverse areas of law and are graduates from reputable universities both onshore and offshore. A modern separate law library infused with modern technological aid in teaching and research is being built in the faculty to serve the law students exclusively. Our e-library is constantly alive with internet to serve the students and staff researchers. The new library aims at driving the frontier of research and knowledge based study in order to ensure academic growth and professional competence.

In order to create an atmosphere of diversity of perspectives to strengthen the intellectual enquiries of our students, we have carefully designed a town and wig programme where people who are experts in the legal profession both in the academia and in litigation/industry are periodically invited to give stimulating talks and professional legal discourse on diverse areas of law. Why not join us to reach these enviable academic goal and professional accomplishments?

EU Law Faculty promises the best legal education.



The Elizade University Law programme is established to contribute significantly to the enrichment and enhancement of legal study and practice. It is designed to provide legal education within the realm of a dynamic socio – political environment that encompasses the national and global trends and challenges. The main focus of the Law programme is to create an environment that encourages intellectual rigour, analytical and critical engagement as well as profound ethical standards. The programme will produce law graduates who can compete actively in legal, social, economic and political developments on a global scale.

The Law programme of the University is also designed to produce lawyers readily capable of coping with the legal needs of the society in the light of social, economic, political, cultural and technological advancements. Graduates of the programme would be able to deliver competently on the expectations of employers and other users of their services in government, legal practice and academics. It is in this sense that the Law programme has been designed to ensure that Law graduates have a good general knowledge of Law, and a clear understanding of the place and importance of Law in the society. The programme will therefore introduce students to general knowledge in Law, acquaint them with principles of judicial process and legal development, and equip them with the basic tools of legal analysis and methods.


Aim and Objective

The LL.B programme in Elizade University, which shall be resident in the Faculty of Law, aims at providing students with a sound foundation of legal knowledge by teaching law in the light of technological, social, political and economic changes. Thus, the programme includes law courses, relevant courses from the humanities, and social sciences as well as entrepreneurship. With respect to the legal courses, the curriculum covers new and modern frontiers of legal training that are crucial to national development. Examples of such courses are Environmental Law, Law of International Trade, Information Technology and Communication/Cyber Law, Gender and the Law, among others. The contents of the courses also reflect global developments. 

The Programme is based on the course credit system, which offers students a broad-based and qualitative legal education through the conscious combination of legal and non-legal courses at the teaching, research and community service levels to produce lawyers who have a wide knowledge of the society and environment and are readily able to use law as a tool for the solution of social, political, economic and cultural problems in the society.

Specifically, the aim and objectives of the Elizade University degree programme in Law include:

i. To ensure that Law is taught as it exists at any given time, and that every Law student adopts a comparative approach to legal studies bearing in mind that there are many systems of Law (Common Law, Statutory Law, Customary Law and Islamic Law).

  1. To ensure that students are imbued with a general knowledge and understanding of Law.
  2. To develop in students the intellectual ability to apply research, knowledge and analytical skills to solving theoretical and practical legal problems.
  3. To acquaint students with principles of the judicial process and legal systems, as well as their interaction with socio-economic frameworks.
  4. To provide, through training and orientation, an appreciation of the growing relevance of inter and multi-disciplinary approach to the solution of complex life problems and the role of law therein.


5 years

We are delighted to furnish you with information that will assist you in achieving your goal to study at Elizade University.

Admission Requirements

The entry requirements shall be through any of the three under-listed options:

  1. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Mode:

In order to be eligible for admission into the five year full-time LL.B programme through the U.T.M.E., a candidate must normally possess the Senior Secondary School/WAEC or NECO Certificates or the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Ordinary Level or their equivalent with credit passes in five subjects, including English Language, English Literature and any three arts/ Social Sciences subjects obtained at not more than 2 sittings, together with an acceptable pass in the U.T.M.E. and any other qualifying test.

  1. Direct Entry Mode:

In order to be eligible for admission into the Four year full-time LLB programme, a candidate must normally possess the following qualifications:

  1. The General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.) or its equivalent in five subjects, of which not less than two (2) have been passed at the Advanced Level, provided that they include English Literature and two (2) other Arts/ Social Sciences subjects. In addition, the candidate must have satisfied the ordinary level requirements as stated under the UTME requirements above.
  2.    A good first degree not below Second Class Lower from Elizade University or any other University recognized by Elizade University. In addition, the candidate must have satisfied the ordinary level requirements as stated under the UTME requirements above.
  3.   A two (2) year Diploma Certificate in Law from Elizade University or any other University recognized by the Senate of Elizade University. In addition, the candidate must have satisfied the ordinary level requirements as stated under the UTME requirements above.

(c) Inter University Transfer Mode

Students may transfer from the Law Department of a University recognised by the Senate of Elizade University, after having completed the first year and passed all the courses, provided they have the relevant qualifications. An application for transfer to the Faculty from the Faculty of Law of another University will however be treated on its own merit in accordance with the University guidelines for Inter University Transfer.


100 Level First Semester

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100 Level Second Semester

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200 Level First Semester

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200 Level Second Semester

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300 Level First Semester

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300 Level Second Semester

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400 Level First Semester

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400 Level Second Semester

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500 Level First Semester

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500 Level Second Semester

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