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B.Eng in Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) Programme

About B.Eng in Information and Communication Engineering (ICE)

A graduate of Information and Communication Engineering of Elizade University is expected to have acquired the ability to: i. Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern ICT tools in existing developing and emerging communication technology; functioning effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings. ii. Design and maintain communication networks, telecommunication equipment and facilities, drawing on fundamental principles and acquired skills. iii. Conduct investigation into developmental and complex ICT problems using research-based knowledge, research methods to deduce valid conclusions. iv. Engage in independent and lifelong learning in ICT in the context of technological and social changes. v. Establish viable ICT enterprise, or manage successfully existing ICT businesses.


The philosophy of the programme is to produce graduates that combine sound theoretical background with practical skills to enable them take up challenging positions in the Information and Communication Technology and manufacturing industries, public service and the academia directly and also to reach a level of practical sufficiency that would enable them to be self-employed.

Aim and Objective

The main objective of the Department is to train Information and Communication Engineers who can meet the challenges of advancements in technologies, engaging the local needs of the discipline, and with employment prospects in manufacturing and production industries, research and educational establishments, government and private enterprises, as well as in creating personal entrepreneurial services. The students are therefore: Prepared with sound knowledge in information and communication technology, and sufficient mastery in mathematics, software engineering, computer engineering and electrical engineering to be able to provide scientific solutions of ICT problems locally and stand global competitiveness Equipped with skills to administer, maintain, and support computer systems, networks, telecommunication equipment and facilities Furnished with strong foundation for advanced studies and career development in ICT related disciplines, within and outside the country.


5 years

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Admission Requirements

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Admission into 100 Level is through the UTME of the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination in English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. To be eligible for admission, the Candidate must have a minimum of five credit pass in the General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level), or West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or NECO, IJMB or its equivalent at not more than two (2) sittings in the following subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English Language. UTME Subjects: English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

100 Level First Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 GST 111 Citizenship and Leadership Education
2 PHY 101 General Physics I
3 GNE101 Introduction to Computer Technology
4 MTH 101 General Mathematics I (Algebra and Trigonometry)
5 CHM 101 General Chemistry I
6 GST101 Communication in English I
7 CHM 103 Practical Chemistry I
8 PHY 103 Practical Physics 1 1 C

100 Level Second Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 CHM 104 Practical Chemistry II
2 GST 102 Communication in English II
3 MTH 104 General Mathematics IV (Vector Mechanics)
4 CHM 102 General Chemistry II
5 GNE 102 Engineer –in– Society
6 GNE 106 Introduction to Engineering Drawing
7 MTH 102 General Mathematics II (Calculus)
8 PHY 104 Practical Physics II
9 PHY 102 General Physics II
10 PHY 106 Properties of Matter

200 Level First Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 GNE 251 Engineering Drawing I
2 GST 215 Entrepreneurship I
3 GST 205 Nigerian Peoples and Cultures
4 GNE 257 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I
5 GNE 259 Materials Science
6 CSC201 Computer Programming I
7 GNE 297 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Laboratory I
8 GNE 253 Engineering Mathematics I
9 GNE 255 Applied Mechanics

200 Level Second Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 GNE 262 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
2 GST 216 Entrepreneurship II
3 CSC206 Human Computer Interaction
4 GST 210 Introduction to Musicology
5 GNE 296 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Lab. I
6 GNE 252 Workshop Practice
7 GNE 298 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Laboratory II
8 GNE 254 Engineering Mathematics II
9 GNE 258 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II
10 GNE 260 Strength of Materials I

300 Level First Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 EEE 355 Physical Electronics
2 GNE 351 Engineering Mathematics III
3 EEE 353 Instrumentation and Measurements
4 ICE 303 Database Design and Management
5 EEE 357 Electric Circuits
6 EEE 351 Electromagnetic Field
7 ICE 301 Operating Systems

300 Level Second Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 ICE 304 Computer Organization and Architecture
2 EEE 352 Electrical Machines I
3 ELP 302 Data and Decision II
4 GNE 354 Engineering Communications
5 EEE 354 Electromagnetic Waves
6 CSC 310 Object-Oriented Programming
7 ICE 302 Information System Analysis and Design
8 GNE 352 Engineering Mathematics IV

400 Level First Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 ICE 403 Data Communication System & Network Applications
2 ICE 409 Satellite Communication
3 ICE 407 Data Structures and Algorithms
4 ICE 405 Internet Technology & Programming
5 ICE 411 Communication Principles
6 GNE 451 Engineering Statistics
7 ICE 401 Computer Security Techniques
8 EEE 453 Control systems I

400 Level Second Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 ICE 400 SIWES II– Students Industrial Work Experience II
2 ICE 200 SWEP - Students Works Experience Programme
3 ICE 300 SIWES I – Students Industrial Work Experience I

500 Level First Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 GNE 551 Engineering Law and Management
2 EEE 559 Telecommunication Engineering
3 ICE 511 Final Year Project 1
4 ICE 505 Artificial Neural Network
5 ICE 503 Java Technology & Programming
6 ICE 501 Mobile Communication & Network
7 ICE 515 Project Management
8 ICE 509 Research Methodology
9 EEE 551 Digital Signal Processing
10 ICE 513 Random Process & Queue Theory

500 Level Second Semester

# Code Title Units Type
1 ICE 504 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
2 ICE 514 Cyberpreneurship & Cyber law
3 ICE 512 Final Year Project II
4 ELP 402 Project and Impact of Technology on Industry II
5 ICE 506 Design & Installation of ICT services
6 ICE 510 Computer Graphics & Animation
7 ICE 502 Software Development Techniques
8 GNE 552 Engineering Economics and Valuation
9 EEE 552 Reliability and Maintainability of Electrical Systems.
10 ICE 508 Multimedia Technology & Programming