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Elizade University will host a 2- day International workshop on migration under the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research Grant 10109437 with a short title DYNAMIG.


The Nigeria country workshop will focus on preliminary findings of the DYNAMIG study which explores migration decision making processes and migration trajectories and policies. The workshop includes papers on the decision-making of heterogeneous groups of aspiring migrants at different stages in their potential and actual journeys within and from selected African countries. Presentations will also analyse the role of meso-level, information and societal factors in migration decision-making and migration policies’ capacity as it affects migration decisions and journeys at different stages.


Scheduled for 8th and 9th May 2024, the workshop will attract participants from the DYNAMIG partner institutions, academics, policy makers and stakeholders as well as organisations working with migrants and selected migrants, in order to ensure that reports at the workshop take into account and build on the knowledge and objectives of policy makers in Nigeria.


According to the Local Principal Investigator, Dr Omolola Olarinde of Elizade University, Scholars from  partner institutions including; Middlesex University; African Migration and Development Policy Centre; University Mohammed VI Polytechnic; European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDM); European University Institute and Elizade University will present results of DYNAMIG qualitative study on migration decision making. The DYNAMIG project is led by Kiel University, Germany. 


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